Companies Represented

Badger Meter - Flow Instrumentation

Flow measurement products for water, oil, gas, steam and other fluids in a wide range of industries. Badger Meter serves a wide range of industrial and commercial markets including energy and petroleum; food and beverage; pharmaceutical; chemical; HVAC; process; aerospace and automotive.

Degree Controls

Airflow Sensing, Measurement and Control for cooling, containment, environmental management, and air-distribution applications.

Paragon Robotics

Broad range of wireless sensors for data logging or add intelligent thermostats and multipoint PLC controllers for a powerful automation solution. With HaloCloud service a client can monitor their system remotely via the internet.

Sage Meters - HVAC

Sage Prime® HVAC is one of the most popular gas thermal mass flow meter preferred by HVAC customers for gas flow applications. This meter product can be used for sub-metering application, to determine combustion efficiency, etc.


SecureAire developed Particle Accelerated Collision Technology [PACT] air purification to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of all filtration systems. In addition SecureAire has also developed an analytical tool, which provides anyone to measure and quantitatively understand how their current filtration and purification systems are performing.

Vostermans Ventilation

Manufacturer of a wide range of axial fan products for agricultural (greenhouse, pork, poultry, dairy) and industrial applications. Multifan products are well-known for consistent high quality, durability and longevity.