The George Yardley Company ceased representation of its manufacturers in all areas outside of California where Ron Borino had worked for 17 years. Recognizing a need to maintain the existing client and manufacturer relationships that had been built selling material and systems into construction projects, AirTelligence, Inc. was started. After successfully operating and growing AirTelligence in to one of the largest independent representative firms in the southwest Ron and Rhonda Borino made the decision to retire.

As this decision was being made Goldband Corporation entered the picture lead by Dan McNeil who was an enthusiastic buyer of AirTelligence. Goldband Corporation acquired all assets of the company, maintained the staffing as well as continued operations completing projects in progress and operating and expanding the firm’s representation. Additionally, AirTelligence became an Arizona contractor to provide turnkey solutions where required. AirTelligence continues to service a multi-state area and continues hiring and training staff to serve client requirements.