Airtelligence has roots traceable to The George Yardley Company which began in 1960 in southern California. This company flourished as a manufacturer’s representative and in later years spread its representation eastward to Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and west Texas. After building The George Yardley Company into one of California’s most respected manufacturer's representative firms, the company began to focus its expertise in critical airflow and pressurizations systems.

In 2004 George Yardley passed away. Shortly thereafter, the company made a decision to consolidate its operations exclusively to the southern California market. It was at this point that Airtelligence, Inc. was formed to assure a seamless transition for clients and manufacturers that wanted to continue the use of the products and systems that had been provided. The original George Yardley personnel working in the trading area Airtelligence now represents were retained by Airtelligence and most remain with the company today.

The George Yardley Company is a representative for many manufacturers today in California and shares a great relationship with Airtelligence.