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Environmental Sustainability

Leading by Example

We’re reducing our environmental impact and helping others do the same

We take our commitment to environmental sustainability seriously. Not only do we empower our clients to minimize energy waste and optimize their internal systems, but we ourselves are leading the way by making our own facilities a proving ground for continual energy management improvement… without sacrificing client service or internal efficiency.

We also partner with manufacturers who demonstrate commitment to sustainability and adherence to the highest safety and waste reduction standards.


Make Today Greener Than Yesterday

We monitor our own performance for continuous improvement

Our automated Environmental Management System (EMS) allows us to continually monitor (and subsequently reduce) our environmental impact. Some examples of how we increase sustainability include:

  • Actively upgrading our HVAC and lighting systems to more efficient products and systems wherever feasible.
  • Upgrading high-energy-use equipment, such as AHU’s, lighting, and office equipment to equipment requiring less energy.
  • The conversion of office and plant lighting to environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient T8 and/or T5 fluorescent systems.
  • Installing motion-activated on/off electric switches (i.e. occupancy sensors) in offices and conference rooms, and mandating warehouse space temperature be set to a minimum of 78 degrees on A/C thermostats.
  • Adding energy kiosk for real time monitoring from Autani.

Ready to Reduce Your Footprint?

Contact us to learn how you can reduce earny usage without sacrificing comfort, safety, or efficiency.
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