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GreenFlow GF Series GF-A1000-DI

Additional Information

Analog Output Insertion Mount Thermal Dispersion Airflow Measurement

Device (AMD) for Round Ducts

Thermal Dispersion Airflow/Temperature Measurement Device (ATMD) for Round Ducts

The GF-A1000-DI airflow measurement device is a low cost, high performance, solution for airflow measurement in smaller round ducts. Designed for insertion mounting, the GF-A1000-DI is provided with an integral transmitter. Simply provide 24 VAC/DC power and connect the output cable wires to a BAS or other analog input device to determine the airflow rate. Available in aluminum or stainless steel. Fits 4 to 16 inch round ducts.

  • Hospital, laboratory and clean room ducts
  • Terminal boxes
  • Outdoor air intakes to fan coils
  • Makeup air ducts to air handlers


  •  Built-in transmitter provides linear analog airflow and temperature output signals
  •  Can be configured to provide the equivalent velocity pressure output in lieu of airflow
  •  Thermal dispersion technology
  •  Calibrated from 0 to 3,000 FPM
  •  Stable bead-in-glass thermistor sensors
  •  NIST traceable airflow and temperature measurement
  •  Calibrated to volumetric airflow standards
  •  Accurate and repeatable
  •  Field calibration is not required
  •  Fits standard 4 to 16 inch round ducts
  •  Easy to install insertion probe design
  •  Available in aluminum or stainless steel