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MeeFog™ Pump Unit: Model MFP

Additional Information

What it does:
The MFP is specifically designed for HVAC humidification applications
where output can vary from nearly zero to full load. The pump speed
is controlled to keep the discharge pressure at 1000 psi, saving energy
and extending pump life. The pump is kept cool even when the required
flow is nearly zero by using a fin tube heat exchanger. For critical
operations, the MeeFog Pump unit provides 100% redundancy when
two side-byside racks are used.
• Oversized NEMA 4 electrical box keeps internals cool.
• Ceramic plunger pump with stainless steel or brass pump heads.
• Pump rpm is limited to ensure quiet operation and long pump
• 10 micron high-presssure filter with pressure gauges before and
• Manages safety features and automatic redundancy control.
• Optional BACnet interface.
• Welded stainless steel frame.
• Open frame design for easy maintenance