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Sage Paramount Industrial Mass Flow Meter

Additional Information

The Sage Paramount™ is our newest industrial thermal mass flow meter which includes state-of-the-art components,

a NEMA 4X enclosure, a fast response to rapid temperature fluctuations, and a well-thought-out terminal arrangement with a 3-way switch for externally, internally or isolating the 4–20 mA. All Paramount orders include the free SageCom™ software, which provides the ability to reconfigure your meter settings (including changing the gas mix) and to run three performance validation checks followed by a printed report. The software also includes data logging and a 4–20 mA loop check.

fcnThe Paramount™ includes a separate mini-USB connector (cable supplied) within the back terminal enclosure which connects to your PC. This connector is independent of the normal Modbus communication channel allowing validation or reconfigurability of your Paramount via SageCom even while its standard Modbus output is connected to a network of additional Paramount meters going to the SCADA system.

The Paramount’s display is bright, has a high-contrast photo-emissive OLED (Organic LED) demonstrating flow rate, total, and temperature. Additionally, the flow rate displays in a horizontal bar graph. The Paramount thermal mass flow meter is available in an integral (Model 401) or remote style (Model 402). The remote-style meter has lead-length compensation up to 1000 feet and an explosion-proof junction box

Product Applications

Energy Management




Boiler/Furnace Gas Flow, Combustion Air, Drying Air Flow, Vent Air


Sub-Metering of Gas Usage, Tenant Billing, Boiler Efficiency

Product Description

Continuous Diagnostics and Field Configurability

Sage Paramount has continuous diagnostics. The raw calibration milliwatts (mW) reading always shows in the upper left-hand corner of the display. By comparing this reading at a no-flow condition (0 SCFM) to the original reported “No Flow” value on the meter’s Certificate of Conformance or the meter’s data tag, the user can verify that the meter remains in calibration and that the sensor is clean.

While every Sage Paramount comes configured for the pipe and process conditions when ordered, if changes are needed, SageCom software permits field reconfigurability and performance validation with a printed report. Also, the software allows the user to change the flow meter gas mix in the field.

Primary Benefits of Thermal Mass Flow Meters

    • Direct Mass Flow – No need for separate temperature or pressure transmitters
    • High Accuracy and Repeatability – Precision measurement and extraordinary repeatability
    • Turndown of 100 to 1 and resolution as much as 1000 to 1
    • Low-End Sensitivity – Measures as low as 5 SFPM (e.g., 1 SCFM in a 6″ pipe)
    • Negligible Pressure Drop – Does not impede the flow or waste energy
    • No Moving Parts – Eliminates costly bearing replacements, and prevents undetected accuracy shifts
    • Ease of installation and convenient mounting hardware

Specific Benefits of the Paramount

    • Features in-situ “Field Zero Calibration Check” of sensor’s performance – verifies that the sensor is clean, and assures that there is no drift, or shift in the flow meter
    • Each Paramount order includes a free copy of the powerful SageCom™ validation and configuration software
    • The compact design of the enclosure is only 4.33″ wide by 8″ deep
    • High contrast photo-emissive OLED display with numerical flow rate, total and temperature, as well as a graphical flow indicator
    • Calibration milliwatts (mW) continuously displays, providing for ongoing diagnostics
    • Features both 1/2” diameter probe as well as optional rugged 3/4” probe and sensor with a double seal (for insertion style)
    • Measures velocities as high as 35000 SFPM (e.g., 3100 SCFM in a 4″ Pipe)
    • Proprietary digital sensor drive circuit provides enhanced signal stability and unaffected by process temperature & pressure changes
    • Modbus® compliant RS485 RTU communications (HART™ optional) as well as a separate USB communication channel
    • Isolated 4-20 mA output and pulsed output of the totalized flow
    • Rugged, user-friendly packaging with well marked and easy terminal access including a separate USB port
    • The remote style has lead-length compensation. Allows remote electronics up to 1000 feet from the probe; explosion-proof junction box has no circuitry, just terminals (suitable for harsh environments)
    • Low power dissipation, under 2.5 Watts (e.g., under 100 mA at 24VDC)
    • Flow conditioning built into inline flow meters (1/2″ and up)
    • Captive Flow Conditioners for insertion meter applications, if required

The Sage Choice: The Most Energy Efficient Thermal Mass Flowmeter

Sage meters are the most energy-efficient thermal mass flow meter, suggesting that saving energy begins by choosing the correct meter.

Why Waste Energy?

Saving energy should be on everyone’s mind. On a broad scale, the goal of all companies should be to reduce air pollution, cut global warming emissions, decrease dependence on coal and other fossil fuels, and move America and the world toward a cleaner, healthier energy future.

Save Energy with Sage Thermal Mass Meters

The Sage Choice: The Most Energy Efficient Thermal Mass Flow Meter
The most energy-efficient thermal flow meter is manufactured by Sage Metering; revealing that saving energy begins by making the Sage choice.

Sage Metering thermal mass flow meters have a three-step, three-minute in-situ calibration verification. The Sage meter draws a mere 10% of the power than other thermal meter manufacturers. That’s just 2.4 watts! If you are purchasing mass flow meters to help identify wasteful energy or improve efficiencies, why would you use a meter that requires ten times more energy than a Sage meter?

Saving Energy by Choosing the Right Meter

While saving energy on tools, may seem insignificant, with the industry selling approximately 65,000 thermal flowmeters a year ($200M), potentially requiring an additional 17+ watts to operate over a Sage meter, that could generate almost 1 million watts of wasted energy each year.

Sage Metering technology is all about saving energy, protecting our planet, and making extremely accurate and durable products.