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Tamco Dampers

Series 1000 Low Leakage Air-Foil Control Damper

Additional Information

  • This damper’s all-aluminum construction provides a prolonged and rust-free operational life.
  • Aluminum extrusions allow for intricate design features not possible with roll or brake formed galvanized steel.
  • Series 1000 dampers are assembled using slip-proof linkage components that keep blades aligned as per factory adjustment.
  • These dampers are supplied with extremely flexible silicone side seals and EPDM blade seals, that are resistant to weathering, compression set, and heat.
  • TAMCO seals provide outstanding dynamic fatigue resistance, ensuring consistent minimal leakage rate performance and sealing longevity.
  • TAMCO’s dual bearing system is self-sealing, self-lubricating, and non-absorbent, resulting in totally maintenance-free performance.
  • Standard blade depth is 6” (152 mm).Caution: Never use any lubricants, such as grease or silicone on TAMCO dampers.


Series 1000 Air-Foil Control Damper:

  • Modulating, or 2 position control dampers.
  • Where maintenance is an issue.
  • Ideal and reasonably priced choice for replacing worn out common dampers.


ET – Elevated Temperature Option:

  • Suitable for high heat environments where temperatures may reach as high as 300°F (149°C),and where UL regulated control dampers are not a requirement.
  • For use in back-up generator stations, where excessive heat may be an issue.
  • For test laboratory applications, wherever high-heat conditions may exist.
  • A practical solution in mildly acidic applications, where Celcon bearings may not withstand environmental conditions.(See Options for more details.)


MR – Moisture Resistance Option:

  • Suitable for applications where dampers are exposed to extended periods of high humidity or high moisture, such as water treatment facilities, municipal pools, and greenhouses.
  • Cost effective alternative to the Salt Water Resistance Option for applications where salt spray is not a concern. (See Options for more details.)


SW – Salt Water Resistance Option:

  • Ideally suited for coastal climates.
  • Recommended for inland applications, where tire spray from winter-salted roads have been known to corrode dampers installed in close proximity to roads or highways. (See Options for more details.)


Recommendation: In applications where the humidity level is unusually elevated, or where there are extremely high levels of dust and dirt particles, TAMCO recommends that the damper linkage and bearing system should be cleaned once a year. This can be done by blowing away dust using compressed air. If needed, a domestic-strength steam cleaner can be used to loosen dirt, which can then be blown out with compressed air, along with any remaining water droplets.