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Advantage IV Gold Series GTx116e-PC

Locations Available: Arizona, New Mexico, Southern Nevada, Southwestern Texas

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  • Description

    The GTx116e-PC is EBTRON’s top-of-the-line solution for accurate and repeatable measurement in ducts and plenums. Ruggedized RH sensor option (/H), onboard barometric pressure sensor and velocity-weighted temperature results in accurate enthalpy and dew point calculations. Ideal for supply, return and outdoor air intake applications on systems with an airside economizer. Bluetooth® low energy technology interface.


    • Thermal Dispersion Airflow Technology
    • Supports up to 16 Sensor Nodes
    • NIST-traceable Calibration
    • %-of-reading Airflow Accuracy
    • Airflow and Status Alarms
    • Velocity-weighted Temperature
    • Output %RH, Enthalpy or Dew Point¹
    • Three Mounting Styles
    • Remote Transmitter with LCD Display
    • 3-year Warranty
  • Quick Specs

    Installed Airflow Accuracy

    Ducts/Plenum: ±3% of reading, Non-ducted OA Intakes: better than or equal to ±5% of reading


    PC Sensor Density


    Mounting Options & Standard Size Limits

    Insertion : 6 to 191 in. [152.4 to 4851 mm]

    Stand-off: 6 to 190 in. [152.4 to 4826 mm]

    Internal: 8 to 194 in. [203.2 to 4928 mm]


    Power Requirement

    24 VAC (22.8 to 26.4 under load) @20V-A

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