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APS-1000XL Portable System


Locations Available: All Regions, Arizona, New Mexico, Southern Nevada, Southwestern Texas

Additional Information

  • Description

    The APS-1000X is a Portable Air Purification System that utilizes Advanced Collector System (ACS) Technology. The ACS is the most advanced and optimized Electronically Enhanced Air Purification system available in today’s marketplace. Inside the APS-1000X, you will find a fan, the ACS System, a replaceable SecureAire filter and a variable-speed controller. This is a complete system that can deliver up to 1000 CFM of particle-free air. The system is portable and can be placed in a room or construction area thereby treating any specific and desired space. The APS-1000X is designed to maximize particle control by optimizing the three components that dictate air purification.


    1. Particle Coagulation: In order to overcome the dominant electromagnetic transport control mechanism of small particles, Particle Coagulation creates larger particles making airflow the dominant transport mechanism.

    2. Optimized Air Change Rate: This brings particles back to the filter for removal or sends them to a dedicated exhaust.

    3. Low Static Pressure Drop Filter: The utilization of an efficient, low static pressure drop/high efficiency filter helps in the removal of particles and helps to maintain a reduced fan size.

  • Quick Specs

    Air Flow Range

    Up to 1000CFM



    120V, single phase



    Height: 22” Width: 22” Depth: 20” Weight: 40 pounds


    Noise Level
    45-50 dB



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