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APS-2000XL Ducted Systems

Locations Available: Arizona, New Mexico, Southern Nevada, Southwestern Texas

Additional Information

  • Description

    SecureAire’s APS-2000X is an Air Handler System that utilizes Active Particle Control Technology.  The ACS is the most advanced and optimized Electronically Enhanced Air Purification System available in today’s marketplace. Inside the APS-2000X, you will find a direct drive fan, the ACS System, and variable speed controller. This is a complete system that can deliver up to 2000 CFM of particle-free air. The system is placed above the ceiling, in the ductwork, thus treating the specific and desired space. The APS-2000X is designed to maximize particle control by optimizing the three components that dictate air purification.


    • Compact horizontal air handler that can be mounted into existing ductwork
    • System provides up to 2000 CFM of additional fan powered airflow
    • Indoor Air Quality can be dramatically improved without major HVAC Renovations.
  • Quick Specs

    Filtration Rating

    MERV 15 per ASHRAE 52.2 Standard Test


    Power Supply

    120/240 single phase VAC/75 watts/system


    Air Flow Range

    Up to 2000 CFM


    BAS Integration

    SCM-200 can be integrated and provides self-diagnostics with its built in light system.

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