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Servaire Series 1000, Servaire-E100

Locations Available: Arizona, New Mexico, Southern Nevada, Southwestern Texas

Additional Information

  • Description

    The SERVAIRE-E100 rack mount bidirectional airflow measurement device can detect very small pressure differentials (as low as 0.0002″ H₂0) across containment zones by measuring the airflow bled across a false server. Temperature measurement of the bleed airflow path is also provided.


    • Thermal Dispersion Technology
    • Bi‐direction Airflow Measurement
    • Equivalent ΔP Output Capability
    • Detect ∆P as low as 0.0002″ H2O
    • Temperature Measurement
    • Alarm Capability
    • Ethernet Network Connection
    • Server Rack Mounting
    • LCD Display
    • 3‐year Warranty
  • Quick Specs

    Power Requirement

    110 VAC @ 8V-A


    Standard 1U Rack Height Enclosure

    1.75H x 19W x 12D in. [44.5 x 482.6 x 304.8 mm]


    B.A.S. Connectivity

    SERVAIRE-E100: One isolated Ethernet (simultaneously supported BACnet Ethernet or BACnet IP, Modbus TCP and TCP/IP) network connection – supports up to 10 simultaneous connections

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