ASU Biodesign C/ISTB-5

“The space is home to the nation’s premier team of neuroscience researchers, already finding new ways to treat Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. The building also houses the ASU team designing the world’s first compact electron laser, a tool that holds promise for both drug discovery and finding new forms of clean energy.”  The building is 188,000 square feet and has received the LEED Platinum status for its environmentally friendly design.

AirTelligence supplied material from Phoenix Controls to allow the mechanical design team to meet the flexibility requirements for the principle researchers.  The Phoenix Controls system acts in conjunction with variable air volume chilled beams from Swegon, allowing tight temperature control which is critical for research.  In an effort to provide ASU with a method to help the campus meet the American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment, the design team decided to institute a highly efficient run around coil system as manufactured by Konvekta, in addition to MEE Industries adiabatic cooling and reverse osmosis system to maximize energy recovery in the building.  This building opened in September of 2018.

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