Midwestern University

Each laboratory space has consistently been equipped with Phoenix Controls from the Pharmacy labs in the Cholla building to the Large Animal Research Facility. In total there are at least five different buildings that utilize systems from Phoenix Controls. As the campus became more concerned about controlling the amount of air required in these facilities it opted to include Aircuity in to its main research building for demand control ventilation [DCV].  The DCV system in the Foothills Research Building allows the project to measure certain components of the supply air entering the space and, if the space is deemed clean, the airflow rates in to the space are reduced to a minimum flow rate from the design.  If a spill or other event causes the air to become contaminated, the airflow rates are automatically raised to increase dilution and protect the investigators.

Application of Aircuity technology in this building has resulted in annual energy saving.  Additionally, the campus began installing Ebtron airflow measuring stations in each air handler to maintain precise airflow rates  and pressurization for the overall building envelops.  This strategy has resulted in airflow stations being used to control supply, return and outside airflow rates.  Besides the buildings mentioned above the campus uses Phoenix Controls and Ebtron installed in a number of projects across the campus including the Veterinary Science laboratory, Veterinary Clinic and newest building, the large animal facility [LAF].  There were many dates associated with this campus but the first project opened ≈ 2000 and started the Foothills Research Building.